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Our research shows that when you compare world-class sales organizations to average sales organizations the difference is striking.

Sales and Marketing are aligned.


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Large deals have the right resources allocated.


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Global accounts are managed effectively.


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Källa: CSO Insights

Senior Director of CSO Insights, Seleste Lunsford, highlights the importance of data for sales and service leaders and how our Insight Ready offering can help.

Insight Ready is powered by CSO Insights, where data drives performance.

Insight Ready offers the most comprehensive benchmarking for sales performance. You can assess your own performance, compare yourself to world-class, and design bespoke research studies for your own organization. Data drives decisions and we can help put it in your hands.

We’re part of a larger company, but our research is independent.

When it comes to CSO Insights and the information they provide for Be Ready Solutions, it’s important to clarify one thing: Miller Heiman Group doesn’t influence their research outcomes. CSO Insights is completely agnostic — whether they’re collecting data for our use or yours. We all need data from the real world, for the real world. Anything less would invalidate their insights and the strategies derived from them.

Insight ReadyTM

Research-based perspectives on sales effectiveness and customer experience that help organizations find more, win more, and keep and grow more business.

“You simply cannot be effective running 21st sales & marketing without accessing the wealth of knowledge and practical advice from CSO Insights. I have been lucky to work with CSO Insights on projects ranging from their annual report on sales effectiveness to working with our senior management team on sales trends and strategies to the crafting of well thought out research and white papers. Their work is simply the best – well researched, highly innovative and always on target. I highly recommend their services.”


—Debbie Qaqish, Chief Strategy Officer