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Large Account Management Process (LAMP®)

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En strategisk struktur för att utveckla dina kunder.


Alla som aktivt hanterar strategiska kunder och konton


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An out of the box thinker at key account level? Looking for new ways of working with your clients? Interested in ways to work with a client that reduces sensitive barriers during the sales process? Needing to boost established client relationships with further potential? 


LAMP is for experienced, high-level Sales Managers and Key Account Managers who are looking for opportunities to build on their relationship with a key strategic client. LAMP heightens the position from supplier to business partner at eye level. Instead of working with the client on individual sales, a transition occurs to working alongside clients as their business needs develop. The principal of LAMPs success is that it inverts the sales gaze to focus on clients need, not product benefits.


The LAMP system uses the gold sheet to help structure the method, which requires analysis, planning, strategy development and targets. The first step is to analyse how the client sees the sales lead and business. By obtaining a clear picture of the current relationship position, there is an opportunity to move on to evaluating what the relationship looks like in the future. Once that future goal is realised, the key building blocks of how to transform the relationship can be identified. For this to be successful a mutually beneficial relationship must be achieved with the client, consisting of targets, clear investments and an on-going sales plan. The take away from the plan must be a transparent overview of time and effort; both parties must invest in order to achieve the agreed goal.


The targets set in the strategic development phase will become the foundation of a tailored action plan. This action plan will focus the attention to a clear step-by-step framework, which will allow the strategy to come to fruition in real time.


By shifting the focus from a purely internal standpoint of product benefit, you can develop from a traditional product seller to a solution seller. This approach reduces the challenge of price sensitivity as the customer has already bought into the solution. This new position also alleviates previous competitive pressure. No longer comparable to other sellers, you become a peer who understands the direction of the company and is there to support its growth.


Miller Heiman Group bygger sina lösningar på kontinuerlig forskning inom affärstrender och marknadsbehov. Vi vet vilka kompetenser och beteenden som påverkar säljarens framgång, det säkerställer kvaliteten i vår utbildningsprogram.


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The benefits of LAMP are:

  • Facilitates open, explorative and financially rewarding communication with clients
  • Reinforces the good practice of preparation, planning and target driven work 
  • Progression of seller status in the eyes of the client
  • Secures future relationship with client
  • Reduces traditional barriers to selling such as price sensitivity and competitors

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