What You’ll Learn

How to develop comprehensive strategies to win sales opportunities

What You’ll Learn

How to develop comprehensive strategies to win sales opportunities

What You’ll Learn

How to develop comprehensive strategies to win sales opportunities

Sales Excellence Assessment℠ helps companies implement consistent and measurable sales talent coaching and development processes. This web-based assessment tool gives front line sales managers the information they need to effectively improve sales force performance in both learning and development as well as opportunity identification, opportunity management, and relationship management.

The assessment first clarifies the organization’s business objectives by requiring salespeople to rank the skills they believe they are exhibiting and the importance of those skills in their selling environment. Sales managers complete the same assessment to collect a 180-degree picture. This intelligence enables managers to improve the quality of coaching sessions to generate consistent results, and helps leadership understand areas of focus for development and training.

By helping create constructive dialogue between managers and their salespeople, Sales Excellence Assessment℠ supports thorough feedback on sales activities and behaviors that need to be addressed. Results can be communicated up, so C-level executives can better understand and support training and development initiatives.


Sales Excellence Assessment℠ may be the right solution if your company is trying to:


  • Establish a baseline of performance on universal sales skills
  • Prioritize training investments
  • Measure ROI from sales training programs
  • Gain alignment on the skills required for success
  • Establish a consistent coaching culture across teams
  • Improve the overall effectiveness of sales managers
  • Provide sales managers advanced information to support better coaching
  • Enrich the constructive dialog between sales managers and their teams
  • Enhance adoption of training and change initiatives
  • Introduce new sales skill-focused metrics to track the effectiveness of your sales transformation project


Who should participate


All members in your sales organizations from senior leadership to front line sales will be involved in defining the unique critical skills for each and every sales role. Sales managers will use the data collected to aid in coaching and developing the skills that will most influence their ability to meet and exceed quotas and maintain profitable relationships.


How your organization would benefit


Enable field salespeople to:

  • Have more data-driven coaching conversations with managers
  • Pinpoint individual strengths and weakness
  • Have a clear road map to better focus sales and relationship activities
  • Have a clear process for demonstrating skill improvement


Enable sales management and senior leadership to:


  • Identify misalignment between management and leadership teams
  • Identify lack of sales activity surrounding critical skills
  • Better focus resources for sales improvement
  • Develop lead indicators of deficiencies in the sales organization
  • Regularly track progress towards improving sales performance

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